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Spa Covers in Fort Worth, TX

Aquatic Spa Covers is a premier provider of custom hot tub and spa covers to customers throughout Fort Worth, TX. We design and create spa covers using the very best materials, made to your specifications for unparalleled protection of your investment. Choose from a wide variety of shades and colors—we guarantee the result will look great and work flawlessly. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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Custom-Made Spa and Hot Tub Covers

The right spa cover will do more than just make your spa look good when it’s not in use—it’ll protect it from things like excessive heat loss, water evaporation, water contamination and more. Plus, spa covers in Fort Worth, TX are an essential safety feature! It pays to have one that fits your model perfectly and offers optimal protection.

Aquatic Spa Covers wants to make sure the integrity of your hot tub or spa is never in question. We design and create totally unique, custom hot tub covers in Fort Worth, TX to ensure the perfect fit and unparalleled protection. And, because we use the very best in marine-grade vinyl and foam materials, you can rest assured your cover is ready to deliver peace of mind, all the time. You’ll get the benefit of a well-secured cover that looks great and lasts!

We are proud to provide high quality, custom spa covers to the following areas and more:

Our covers are totally customizable around your needs. More than just the right shape and size, we offer you a great selection of color options, as well as accessories and special features to boost its protective benefits. Whether you’re looking for an extra-strength cover supported by extra straps and a spa caddie, or you just need a standard cover with extra straps for security, we’ve got you covered. We can even repair your existing cover if the vinyl or foam is damaged!

Put the safety and integrity of your hot tub or spa first with a custom cover, designed and created by Aquatic Spa Covers. Reach us today to start designing your cover and we’ll have it done in as little as 7-10 days!

  • Our custom spa cover design and fabrication capabilities are unmatched! We work quickly and strive to maintain affordable prices to ensure the best value for customers.
  • We’ve been in business since 1992 and have more than 25 years of knowledgeable experience in the design and customization of spa covers.
  • We stand by our workmanship and use only the very best in marine-grade, high-quality vinyl materials.
  • We help spa owners realize a wide variety of benefits, including reduced heating bills, water evaporation, chemical replacement, and children and pet accidents.
  • Come to us for free estimates on all custom spa cover products. We’ll work to create something that meets your expectations, while remaining affordable.

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Protect Your Investment

A custom spa cover is the best way to ensure your spa is kept clean, safe and stable. Let our team design and create the perfect cover for your spa using the very best materials and craftsmanship.

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